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Our services are based primarily on quality, tradition and experience in taxi services, and are aimed at constantly improving the conditions and the satisfaction of our customers.

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City transport

Passenger transport within the city and surrounding areas

Intercity transport

Transport passengers from one city to another

Inter-county transport

Passenger transport from one county to another

Interstate transport

Passenger transport across borders

Courier services

You forgot to bring something from home, and you are not able to quickly back after this? No problem, call us and we will go after it. The only condition is that it can fit in the car. The cost of service is the same as when you are driving.


Your match is starting, it's raining and you just now need something from the store? No problem, call us and we will go to buy what you want. The cost of service is the same as when you are driving, and of course, you pay the bill from the store.

Always on time!

Our taxi will always pick you in the agreed time. Usually it's within 5 to 10 minutes, and if it's greater traffic jam, then the taxi driver will tell you exactly how long it will take to come pick you up. Contact us with confidence!

Book taxi by call

Booking taxi at the agreed time. Contact us with confidence!


Book taxi online

You can book a taxi in advance by online form.

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